Ceremony Service

One mistake many brides make is not finding the Dj Service that will provide perfect ceremony service for there special day.

 Livewire entertainment has provide quality service for hundreds of ceremonies. 

Whether its at a church or outside we have you cover. 

We provide professional sound and wireless microphone for the ceremony along with the knowledge for that perfect event. Ceremonies usually runs anywhere from 20-45 minutes for the prelude music, ceremony music & post ceremony music.  So rest asssured we are setup and ready to go 1 hour before your ceremony.

A few things to think about
By far the best place is in the back (behind the guests) with speakers facing the front. There are a number of reason for this. For one, it eliminates any possibility of the DJ sound system showing up in your pictures. It also has a much more balanced sound that everyone will be able to hear more evenly. It strongly helps to prevent microphone feedback, especially when using a lapel style microphone. It allows your officiate to know that everyone can hear him/her because if they can hear themselves through the speakers, everyone else can. Last, the DJ has the best line of sight for all the events from this position and is not a visual distraction to your guests.

The need for wireless microphones:
Wireless is always the best way to go for ceremonies for the sake of convenience and safety both. They can be placed almost anywhere and do not need cords running to them. Handheld, lapel and headset versions are all very popular. Depending on the size of your ceremony, and the strength of your officiates voice, you may not need them at all. If you do, we most recommend headset versions for the officiate, especially when outdoors.  

"how do you mic the groom? 

Well, in most cases  it can be done. When the bride and groom really want to use a microphone for their vows then the most practical way is for them to use a hand held microphone or a lapel microphone on the groom.  It's very difficult to wire the bride with a body pack and lapel microphone and most of the time it ends up not working .

Hooking in a live musician keyboard or guitar
A big mistake is assuming that you will be able to have your guitar or keyboard player hook into the DJs mixer. Most DJ mixers are not designed for live instrument hook up and will not work for this application. We provide professional mixing boards to be able to hookup all types of sources including instruments, recorded music playback and microphones combined.

So to have the best results for your day consider us for your next event! 

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no electricity ? 

No problem, we have a battery powered system that lasts up to 12 hours ! 

For that unique outdoor event!